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Winter 2012-13 Predictions Released From Farmer’s Almanac

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The Farmer’s Almanac based in Maine released their winter weather prediction for the upcoming season, giving some hope to the Midwest regarding precipitation.

Using a formula first created by Almanac founder David Young back in 1818, presently supplemented by weather data, computers and historical patterns, the almanac calls for wild temperature swings and periods of storminess during the upcoming winter.  Iowa and the rest of the Midwest is predicted to get back to normal winter precipitation levels, providing some much-needed relief and hope for next year’s crops.

Farmers have seen unprecedented warmth in 2012 – during both the winter and summer months – actually earning the title of Fourth Warmest since record-keeping began in 1895.  Much of the country experienced exceptional heatwaves and lower-than normal moisture, creating drought conditions for many that haven’t been seen for nearly 50 years.  This crop season has been hard on most growers, pushing up corn and soybean prices and causing many farmers with livestock to sell off herds.

The winter prediction seems to cut the country in half, with the Pacific Northwest looking at mild temperatures and low precipitation, while the Great Lakes region and New England will get more than their fair share of cold and snow.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, some Southern areas with the worst drought conditions should get lower-than-average temperatures and plenty of moisture this winter.

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2 Responses to “Winter 2012-13 Predictions Released From Farmer’s Almanac”
  1. Polarisboy says:

    I hope its a good winter i love snowmobiling

  2. Roger says:

    Wrong !! 2 winters in a row !! Northeast, 1/18/2013, No Snow !!

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