Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Agronomy Update: Episode 1:2

Greetings, and welcome to the second AFS Agronomy Update! Every other week until spring planting, we will be releasing a video to our customers full of relevant agronomy information. This week’s video will cover the following topic: Winter Corn Rootworm Survival and Mortality Common Questions of the Week: “If my soil gets cold enough, will corn rootworm larvae die?” “It’s been […]

First Agronomy Update

Greetings! Every other week outside of the growing season, Asmus Farm Supply will be producing a short video on the most talked about agronomic topics of the week. This week, we will be discussing the following:   Prepay Information Financing Information Rebate Information Common Questions of the Past Week: “With margins narrowing this year, is […]

Benefits of Strip-Tilling Cover Crops

Strip-tilling has become a great tool to both protect and nourish crop soil during harsh winter months. Instead of doing intensive tilling, which dries the soil more quickly and leads to greater erosion dangers, strip-tilling cuts down the cellulose-rich cover crop and provides a nourishing cover.  Turning over the soil in strips also warms the […]

The Agronomy Team At Asmus Farm Supply Continues to Grow

Harlan and Amy Asmus are always looking for ways to improve their service and support for their agribusiness clients. Whether that’s through innovative training practices or staffing up to support challenges and demands they find in the field, they have always put the customer first. As the ag industry continues to change, Asmus must always […]

Dry Weather Supports Spider Mites

The growing season is presenting some unfamiliar challenges to some people. If you were not in agriculture in 1988, you most likely don’t remember spider mites. The dry conditions persisting throughout the corn belt are enabling this pest to thrive so far. See the You Tube video below, taken by Bil Schrader from the Rake […]

June 28, 2011 Scouting Report-Staging Big Corn

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We’ve had lots of confusion and concern with staging corn plants in the last week.  It’s very difficult to accurately stage a corn plant by just counting collars on the stalk now as some of the first leaves have withered away at the base of the plant.  The accurate way to stage a corn plant […]

June 14, 2011: Scouting Report

Corn is growing rapidly after last week’s heat and is approaching growth stages that we need to take caution when applying certain herbicides. Most corn in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota is in the V4-V6 growth stage depending on planting date and field conditions.  As we approach the V5-V6 stage, certain herbicide chemistries can have […]

An APP For That! Precision Laboratories New Tank Mix App for iPhone Arrives

Asmus Farm Supply always strives to be at the front of the the pack when it comes to introducing new technologies for agronomy to help our clients. As a proud partner with Precision Laboratories, we’d like to be one of the first to show you this innovative new mobile app for ON DEMAND tracking, accuracy […]

Asmus Farm Supply and Iowa State University Announce “Into The Field”

Asmus Farm Supply and Iowa State University Agriculture department have teamed up to create the “Into The Field” Fund. This cooperative venture is geared to extend the opportunities for agronomy students and businesses alike to provide “actual field experience” for agronomy students to enhance their value and viability for businesses that will need them in […]

Asmus Farm Supply – 50 Years Strong & Looking Toward The Future

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After 50 years serving the agriculture industry, Harlan and Amy Asmus reflect on the work that brought them to this landmark occasion and look into the future of the company.  Building strong relationships in the Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota agriculture community is what Asmus Farm Supply has depended on for their success since the […]

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