Monday, December 22, 2014

Protecting Your 2014 Seed Investment Starts Now!

After a late harvest and some lower than expected acres of anhydrous and fall herbicide applications, a lot of our 2014 planting and seed decisions are still looming in our minds. As a partner to our clients, Asmus Farm Supply would like to offer some of the following tips for preparation for the 2014 planting […]

Plant Nutrition Site Scheduled for February Opening

On September 27th, we released the news of our new Plant Nutrition facility that was in development at the Rake, Iowa location. Much of the development and production behind the scenes had already been started, so were THRILLED to announce that we have a targeted opening date of February 2014 (yes, only 3 short months […]

Control Seeding Blockages or Reduced Flow This Season

At Asmus Farm Supply, we like to keep our customers informed on the latest and greatest innovations in agronomy – keeping you on top of the market and as productive and profitable as possible. Technology is great for our everyday lives, but it’s even better when you can use it to help with your work! […]

Field Preparation – Beating Frost To The Punch

From pre-planting to weed control and on to harvest, we at Asmus Farm Supply try to be as informative and helpful as we can be to assure your crops’ success. With the approaching fall and winter (predicted to be colder and wetter this year) we decided to research some solutions for frost updates and GDU […]

Scout Your Fields for Rootworm Damage

Now is the time to scout out rootworm damage in your corn fields to head off a disastrous economic result. Because the late-spring snow and cold gave farmers a delayed start in planting, many pests are also showing up later in Iowa crops. Rootworm larvae were becoming apparent in crops at the beginning of August, […]

Corn Rootworm Resistance Issues

As the planting season grows near and growers are planning or buying seed for the 2013 season, there are trends regarding corn rootworm resistance that need to be taken into consideration. According to an article in August 2012 from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, growers need to be aware of the current challenges associated […]

Kixor® Herbicide Technology From BASF

BASF has a great new line of herbicides powered by Kixor®, designed to be powerful across a wide range of weeds, soils and crops in a variety of environments. This family of products consists of: Verdict™ – preemergence broadleaf weed herbicide used for both corn and soybeans Optill® – burndown and residual weed control to […]

Dry Weather Supports Spider Mites

The growing season is presenting some unfamiliar challenges to some people. If you were not in agriculture in 1988, you most likely don’t remember spider mites. The dry conditions persisting throughout the corn belt are enabling this pest to thrive so far. See the You Tube video below, taken by Bil Schrader from the Rake […]

North Iowa FFA Helps Asmus With Research Project

Several members of the North Iowa FFA chapter, with their FFA advisor Rick Meyer, visited Asmus Farm Supply to assist Amy Asmus with an Iowa State University research project. Amy Asmus, with the help of Pat Kahler and Corey Williams, is working with Darren Mueller and Adam Sisson at ISU to determine the effectiveness and […]

Rootworm Beetles Causing Corn Crop Damage

Zack Smith, our Rake, Iowa C.C.A. Sales Agronomist, received a field report from a customer out of Armstrong, Iowa.  The customer came in with corn leaves that had been mined and scarred by corn rootworm beetles. The leaves have a “frosted” appearance running parallel to the leaf veins and mostly along the edge and by […]

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