Monday, December 22, 2014

A BASF Weed Resistance Survey of 2013

For the second year in a row, BASF conducted a survey of mostly Midwest row crop growers to find out their experiences during the 2013 growing season. The survey questions covered topics such as tough weeds, glyphosate resistance, current weed control strategies, whether or not they plan to change weed control strategies in 2014 and […]

Protecting Your 2014 Seed Investment Starts Now!

After a late harvest and some lower than expected acres of anhydrous and fall herbicide applications, a lot of our 2014 planting and seed decisions are still looming in our minds. As a partner to our clients, Asmus Farm Supply would like to offer some of the following tips for preparation for the 2014 planting […]

AFS Customers and Minnesota Corn Impact

Technology is a tool we love at Asmus Farm Supply, Inc. Whether it’s data intake programs, or tracking software for chemical tanks, or measuring the efficacy of crops in the areas we serve. Any new technology is something we LOVE to share. The Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) has developed a spectacular new map highlighting […]

Asmus Farm Supply Cover Crop Options

With the wet weather and late-spring freezing temperatures during planting season, Iowa and Minnesota saw record numbers of prevented planting acres. Asmus Farm Supply is now offering cover crop seeds for the first time starting in 2013.  Our goal is to be able to help our customers preserve their soil during times when weather prevents […]

Benefits of Strip-Tilling Cover Crops

Strip-tilling has become a great tool to both protect and nourish crop soil during harsh winter months. Instead of doing intensive tilling, which dries the soil more quickly and leads to greater erosion dangers, strip-tilling cuts down the cellulose-rich cover crop and provides a nourishing cover.  Turning over the soil in strips also warms the […]

Field Preparation – Beating Frost To The Punch

From pre-planting to weed control and on to harvest, we at Asmus Farm Supply try to be as informative and helpful as we can be to assure your crops’ success. With the approaching fall and winter (predicted to be colder and wetter this year) we decided to research some solutions for frost updates and GDU […]

New Pyroxasulfone Herbicides

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Recent registrations for new products containing the active ingredient pyroxasulfone will offer longer residual control of tough weeds in corn and soybean fields.  The market has been anxiously awaiting the approval of pyroxasulfone in row crops.  This long chain fatty acid compound will have the capability of offering up to ten weeks residual control under […]

Scout Your Fields for Rootworm Damage

Now is the time to scout out rootworm damage in your corn fields to head off a disastrous economic result. Because the late-spring snow and cold gave farmers a delayed start in planting, many pests are also showing up later in Iowa crops. Rootworm larvae were becoming apparent in crops at the beginning of August, […]

Crop Treatments for Optimal Yield

With a rough start to the growing season behind us, now is the time to give your best looking crops everything they need to produce the best yield possible.  Let Asmus Farm Supply, Inc. guide you in the right direction. Iowa crops received plenty of rain during planting and in the early stages of growth, putting […]

Preventative Planting & Cover Crops

What a challenging planting season!   With a drastic change in our weather pattern we have switched from wishing for more rain last summer to wishing it would stop this spring.   Many growers are facing a multitude of difficult management decisions.   Spray application windows have been delayed or missed.  Tillage has been less than ideal, and […]

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