Saturday, March 28, 2015

Asmus Farm Supply Featured in Crop Life

agronomy training in IowaFifty years ago, Harvey Asmus founded Asmus Farm Supply to foster better farming practices and to help local growers have a resource to stay up-to-date with changing technology and best practices.  From the time that Harvey did business out of his car, AFS has been focused on sharing knowledge as well as providing the best products.

Today, Harlan and Amy Asmus carry on that tradition, and then some.  Inside the Rake, Iowa AFS headquarters building is a 2,500-square-foot, high-tech training center.  Here, the Asmus team provides training and education opportunities not only to their Certified Crop Advisor agronomists, but also to their many grower-customers to make sure they are aware of the most beneficial – and the safest – uses for all the products they offer.  Continuing education is such a part of Asmus that they have partnered with Iowa State University’s agronomy department to give students the opportunity to get out in the field to learn from real-life situations and experiments, not just in the classroom environment.

In a recent CropLife Magazine article, Harlan says,

“So when we are working with growers, we are not just selling them crop protection products, we are partnering in their business to make their use of these products a success.”

Amy talks about needing to be able to reach all types of grower-customers, ranging from the progressive farmers, who are willing to listen to and implement new practices and products, to the “deniers”, who are resistant to acknowledging that there IS a growing crop-protection problem, much less try innovative solutions.

“All they are looking to do is get by for a few more years before they can sell their farms or retire. This group doesn’t want to do anything extra, even if it means keeping a small problem from becoming bigger in the near future.”

croplife magazine, Asmus Farm Supply, Certified Crop Advisers, grower training, farming education, continuing educationWith the introduction of SmartPhones and growing numbers of applications that are geared toward easy knowledge access in the field, the not-too-distant future holds even more changes in the way information is communicated from teachers to students and from Asmus CCA agronomists to their clients.

And you can bet Asmus Farm Supply will be right on top of that learning curve.

If you have any questions about Asmus Farm Supply’s products and training opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact your local AFS branch.

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